Mr. Patrick Twumasi, Ag. Head of Public Relations Unit

The Public Relations Unit serves as the liaising entity between the Non-Formal Education Division (NFED) and her internal and especially external publics.

The Unit does not only serve as the mouth piece of the Division, it works to enhance the image, reputation, as well as build and sustain goodwill among the organization’s publics.

In the court of public opinion, image, reputation and goodwill is as important in the arena of the world of market competition as the existence of the organization. Every organization like the NFED of the Ministry of Education need to plan strategically which should be based on well research information outside her confines. The Public Relations Unit of the Division offers this all relevant service to keep the organization as important as ever in delivering her mandate.

The Unit has strategic media relations and uses various avenues to reach out to the general public.

In all the dissemination to the publics there is nothing but timely, accurate, balanced, credible and reflective information about the Division.

As the slogan of the Public Relations Unit goes “At your service” we are always standing to serve both the internal and external publics. The Public Relations Unit will continue to counsel and hold the image, reputation and goodwill of the Non-Formal Education Division as the ultimate duty.

The Unit is made up of a Head, Assistant, an Audio Visual Personnel and a Secretary.