A Chinese Philosopher Lao-Tzu once wrote “He who stands tiptoe doesn’t stand firm” Literacy in Ghana has always had its focus on formal education, which has left the nation on one foot down the other hanging. Hence, the news of the passing of the Complementary Education Agency Bill 2019, which offers alternative pathways outside formal education places Ghana’s educational sector on a sound footing. This is backing policy with legality to affirm youth and adult literacy in Ghana.

The Ministry of Education has initiated several educational reforms. These are aimed at transforming the Ghanaian literacy landscape and infuse it with innovation and creativity. However, the focus of the transformation agenda has been on formal education. Nonetheless, there is a pool of constituents who through no fault of theirs could not receive a formal education. Some of these unfortunate reasons include poverty, family size, distance to school and cultural beliefs. These individuals are conspicuously missing in the scheme of national development.

Nevertheless, the overlooked citizens who are to benefit from the Complementary Education Agency programmes form a large majority of the informal sector. Hence creating an alternative, which offers a second chance to education is the apt decision to take. Ghana cannot develop without activating the levers of the informal sector. Therefore, the coming into force of the Bill will serve as a catalyst to the massive reduction of illiteracy in Ghana, which will inure to the benefit of the individual, cumulatively contributing to the larger national socio-economic development.

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Four hundred and thirty-eight (438) Non-Formal Education Learners have graduated at the Weija/Gbawe Municipality in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. The English Batch 7 and Local languages Batch 21 learners are made up of three hundred and fifty-eight (358) females and eighty (80) males who graduated on the 16th November, 2018 in the basic reading, writing and numeracy in the administrative regions of  Weija, Kofikwei, Obom, Fantemayira, Omankope and Nsuobri at Weija/Gbawe Municipality in Greater Accra.

The Municipal Assembly Co-ordinator, Mr. Victor Ahianu appealed to the Government, the Municipal Assembly Chief Executive and all stake holders to help equip the office with logistics such as motorcycles and vehicles to enable staff embark on effective supervision of classes within the municipality. He said the Division is also highly in need of computers to establish training centres for learners training and administrative use.

Mr. Victor Ahianu, Weija-Gbawei Municipal Co-ordinator is addressing the participants.

He also appealed to honourable assembly members to talk to their constituents’ non-literates to enrol in literacy classes.

He thanked the head of the Municipal Assembly and the entire staff for the diverse support they continue to give to the NFED’s literacy activities in the Municipality.

Awards of different categories were presented to the deserving graduates who were advised to put their skills into practice.



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